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IJSRMT (International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Technology) is an open-access peer-reviewed international platform that publishes top-quality and referred papers from highly intellectual research scholars. Originality is primarily focused here. Papers with original research are highly appreciated. Authors can also submit extended versions of previously published conference/ research papers. Double-Blind Peer review selection procedure is used to select the papers for publication thus ensuring the uniqueness, relevance, and readability.


  • IJSRMT is a Peer-Review journal. We are following 2 stage review. We are also sharing the Reviewer's Review Result report with paper acceptance. IJSRMT has a paper review fee which is 10$ per paper and it will be submitted before the start paper review process. If the paper will reject then it will not be refundable. If the author re-submits the same paper with corrections, then the author doesn’t need to submit this fee again.
  • In the published paper copy, IJSRMT will provide tenure from paper received to published.
  • IJSRMT published the Peer Review results of reviewers also with the published paper.
  • IJSRMT is providing certificates to all authors.
  • IJSRMT is an open-access journal. Any author can download the paper.
  • The author can provide a video presentation of designed/published papers.
  • The video presentation will be useful for viewers/readers. It will be uploaded on the official channel of IJSRMT. (know more about Video presentation).
  • Published papers will be published only on the IJSRMT website.Know more about Why IJSRMT ?

Peer Review Process

  • IJSRMT is taking 15-20 days to complete the review process. If the paper is rejected then the same period will follow for updated papers. Don’t send the emails for urgent review. It can be withdrawn/cancelled paper from the review process.
  • IJSRMT follows the Double-Blind Review process.
  • IJSRMT completed the review process in 2 stages. In Stage 1, Plagiarism is checked and if the plagiarism is >30% then the paper will be rejected. In stage 2, reviewers will check the content of the paper. If the paper is accepted from the Stage 1 review, then it will proceed to the Stage 2 review. Know more about the Peer Review Process

APC (Article Processing charges)

Review Fee

The paper Review fee is $10. It will be submitted before the start of the peer review process and it will not be refundable if the paper is rejected. If the author re-submits the same paper again with corrections, then the author doesn’t have to pay this fee again.

Publication fee

The publication fee is $50 per paper. Author has to pay the fee after the paper acceptance. Don’t submit the publication fee before the paper acceptance.

Know more about Publication Fee

Paper Submition Last Date

31 July 2023

Paper Review Notification

In 15-20 Days

Paper Publishing

In 20-25 Days

Current Issue

Volume 2, Issue 7

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